Born in Madrid, Spain in 1972. Expert in Design education. graduated Cum Laude from the MEiA program "Education In Arts and Design", PZI Rotterdam 2017.

Studied design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands ( 1994-1998). Graduated at “ Man and Leisure Time" department in 1998.

Studied pottery at Escuela Madrileña de Cerámica (2004-2006)

Currently based in The Hague, NL. Working as a freelance designer, potter and teaching and coordinator at Design Academy Eindhoven ( Leisure department).

Co-founder of the design studio 24hliving® ( 1998-2005) and worked under DO24 (2005-2008). Specialized in; concept, social, experience, exhibition and communication design. Functions: research, concept development, design development, management, art direction and production.

Pottery, workshops and research at Zuid 57 ( ArtLab 0.05), The Hague.

Design education: Coordination of design study programms, direction and coordination of workshops and academic projects. Teaching experience in design since 2001; Thesis projects, Master course projects, project design, design methodology and workshops.

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