Coordination and design for special projects of the Design department at IED Madrid, such as internal and external exhibitions, presentations at international Design Fairs, participation with students at creative events, installations and International Design competitions .


Coordination of workshops for the Design department at IED Madrid such us:“Inspired by Nature” food design with Katja Gruijter, “Ascer” with Ultimo Grito, "Food design" at Instituto italiano di cultura with Ciszak Dalmas, "Agua; Captacion total" with Danko Linder, "Tapiza, un oficio olvidado" with Carmen Rivero, etc....



Coordination of the didactic curriculum for the Design department at IED Madrid, design projects for 1st, 2nd, 3rd year students and Thesis projects.

Coordination of didactic projects in collaboration with oficial organizations (ONCE, CEAPAT), NGOS, and private companies.

Coordination and design for a new study programm based in sustainability which conducted us to the creation of a new area at the IEDMadrid for sustainable design with Victoria de Pereda as head of the department.